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Ten minute chickpea curry

I was hungry. I got home late. Priorities first: feed the cat. She got a few bits of raw chicken. I got a chickpea curry with whatever I had in the house, garden or growing on my kitchen windowsill, in ten minutes.


  • A tin of chickpeas
  • Jalfrezi curry paste
  • Thick yogurt
  • Greens: kale, pak choi, spinach, char
  • Something to fry up eg small diced celery or spring onion


  • Put a wok on high heat, add oil of your choice, fry the celery or spring onion
  • When that is sizzling, add the greens, raw, and cook until they have wilted (probably five minutes)
  • In a bowl, blend a tablespoonful of curry paste with a couple of tablespoons-ful of yogurt, so it’s thick but not solid
  • Add the chickpeas (though I confess, I may have put the chickpeas in first)
  • Turn down the heat a bit and add the sauce, cook for five minutes or so. Add lemon juice for some spark, and salt if you want. Devour.


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